Antonio Stanley

Digital Marketing & Branding Specialist


Antonio Stanley is a content marketing and branding specialist with extensive experience leading organizations to sustainable growth across the digital landscape. Fueled by passion and purpose, Antonio has worked with notable brands such as Aveda, Paul Mitchell, and Three Olives, curating blueprints for businesses to maximize profitability through the power of digital media.


Director, Marketing & Branding2018 – Present

Mensroom Salon • Portland, Maine

  • Built and branded company's current corporate website to improve UX, CRO, SEO, and page speed; configured all tracking codes, custom events, lead forms, and automation
  • Conducted all on-page and off-page SEO best practices, including keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink building, and content marketing to gain first-page positioning on Google's SERP for several competitive keywords
  • Initiated, designed, and deployed company's first e-commerce solution via Shopify; configured all sales channels, email automation, and remarketing tools
  • Developed ICPs and buyer personas to guide lead generation and reduce CAC
  • Owned all paid social, search, display, and video ads; leveraged custom audiences and various pixels to laser-target users and maximize ROAS, while also optimizing landing pages and ad creatives based on lower funnel metrics
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to generate digital resources and interactive training modules for employees, assisting in the development and HCM of staff
  • Liaised with subject-matter experts to co-author a monthly grooming blog, introducing an untapped sales funnel while positioning content for Google’s E-A-T
  • Designed and delivered all conditional and transactional email, SMS, and push campaigns to improve retail sales, client retention rates, and frequency of visits, increasing CLV year-over-year (*Q1 2020 to present based on # of days operating)
  • Produced in-house video content and various other rich media to bolster brand equity, drive conversions, and augment ongoing recruitment efforts
  • Partnered with leadership, external vendors, and community organizations to consolidate insights, analyze trends, and identify new growth opportunities
  • Monitored and reported on data sources from POS, GTmetrix, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Serpstat, and Business Manager

Manager, E-Commerce Marketing2015 – 2018

Maine Lobster Now • Saco, Maine

  • Supported all multichannel DTC initiatives to grow company’s annual gross revenue from $1.2 million in 2015 to $5.5 million in 2018
  • Spearheaded development of an in-house creative department saving more than $100,000 in extraneous studio fees and subcontractor expenses
  • Owned a top-grossing holiday drip campaign generating over $325,000 in revenue
  • Designed and delivered all emails; mapped automation, segmentation, and UTMs; configured abandoned cart alerts and personalized cross-sell recommendations
  • Managed brand's social media channels, content deliverables, and product promotions to gain 40K+ followers across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Launched a lead generation initiative scoring 28K+ subscribers; leveraged organic social product promotions and established company's first referral incentive program
  • Introduced quarterly surveys and social polls to identify and analyze consumer preferences, product extension opportunities, QC factors, and other valuable insights
  • Designed infographics, print materials, and step-by-step cooking guides for meal prep kits; strategist behind the 'lobster trap' box design (custom shipping package)
  • Created landing pages for gift guides, FAQs, and recipes from strategy to schema; scored several rich snippets and improved CTR, adapting to Google's E-A-T/YML
  • Produced all product photography and video content for multichannel distribution, enhancing product pages, increasing dwell time, and supplementing social content
  • Updated inventory, product images, descriptions, and shipping details via Magento
  • Launched an in-house how-to cooking YouTube series generating 100K+ organic channel views; directed production and introduced company's influencer package
  • Worked alongside Web Master to wireframe redesign of, ensuring UX across all devices remained consistent with creative vision; designed all custom-branded graphical elements

Coordinator, Digital Marketing2012 – 2015

Acapello Salons • Scarborough, Maine

  • Executed all marketing initiatives to scale business from three to five locations
  • Redesigned and managed brand’s website to improve UX and reinforce on-page SEO
  • Implemented sitewide opt-in offer above the fold, yielding an average of 90 conversions month-over-month; configured promo codes, email automation, and tracking
  • Performed on-page and off-page SEO techniques, including keyword research, competitive analysis, site audits, and backlink building; optimized key directory listings to accelerate local SEO initiatives
  • Created a dynamic hair quiz for website visitors, increasing average dwell time
  • Utilized events and custom audiences to maximize return on ad spend
  • Developed market research to steer customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Owned all paid social media ads across Facebook and Instagram
  • Configured Google Analytics tracking code, Facebook pixel, and heatmaps
  • Analyzed traffic and campaign performance to optimize ads and landing pages
  • Managed and maintained all transactional and promotional email campaigns
  • Produced recruitment video campaigns to convey culture and attract candidates

Freelancer, Content Marketing2011 – 2018

Maine Media Marketing • Freelance

  • Aveda: Catwalk for Clean Water, Videographer & Editor
  • Paul Mitchell: Marula Oil Product Launch Campaign, Videographer & Editor
  • SalonCentric: Fall Styles Show, Videographer and Editor
  • Three Olives: Jacked Apple Product Launch Campaign, Videographer & Editor
  • Inspired Designs, Inc: E-Commerce Shopify Website: Web Developer, Paid Social Ads
  • Stonebreaker: Kickstarter Campaign Video: Videographer and Editor
  • Meridee Winters School of Music: Recruitment Video, Videographer & Editor

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Technical skills and industry knowledge includes, but is not limited to:


Extensive hands-on experience using the following platforms and applications:


Competency in creating, managing and reporting on social ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Thorough understanding of tracking code implementation, data collection and remarketing, processing and configuration, and other analysis and marketing tools.

Certification exemplifies advanced channel optimization techniques, content strategy, production value, policies and guidelines and advertising best practices.

Certificate demonstrates ability to create frameworks for consistent, engaging content that humans and search engines value.

Certificate illustrates knowledge of SEO best practices, including how to efficiently track, adjust and implement search engine optimization campaigns within SEMrush.



As a freelancer, I had the distinct pleasure of working with global beauty brands such as Paul Mitchell, Aveda, and SalonCentric.

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Featured Videos

Project Details

Goal: Build trust and awareness with consumers while promoting a positive perception of lobster fishing in connection with MLN.

Overview: Produced and edited video; positioned video across, YouTube, and social media channels.

Results: Video bolstered brand equity while underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainable, locally-sourced seafood.

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Mensroom Salon E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

Goal: Design and develop company’s first e-commerce solution in preparation for franchise expansion.

Overview: Initiated, designed, and deployed all aspects of brand’s Shopify website; liaised with The Art of Shaving and Aveda Men to heed upcoming online promotions while offering same-day local delivery to stay competitive.

Results: Launched in Q3 ’21 with an emphasis on community support through various touchpoints yielding a 37% increase in retail sales over prior quarter.

Developed by Antonio Stanley for Mensroom Salon

Creative Studio Development

Goal: Reduce product photography expenses while improving turnaround time without sacrificing quality.

Overview: Planned, prepared, and executed the development of an in-house studio department; budgeted for all equipment and video talent; shot and edited all multimedia.

Results: Turned around same-day product photography while introducing a how-to cooking series to increase visitor dwell time and boost YouTube subscribers; saved $100K in expenses.

Developed by Antonio Stanley for Maine Lobster Now

E-Learning Module

Digital Training Modules

Goal: Develop an interactive virtual learning platform to educate, motivate, and empower staff.

Overview: Collaborated to identify the needs and learning style of team members; consolidated and digitized all resources on hand; created company culture and onboarding videos, skill-building lessons, interactive quizzes, and quotes from inspiration leaders.

Results: Launched the portal – boosting morale and employee retention, while reducing losses from performance and productivity issues. Curriculum still used today.

Curated by Antonio Stanley for Acapello Salons

Social Channel Optmization

Goal: Optimize and monetize all major social networks to build audiences, increase followership, and improve engagement.

Overview:  Reinvigorated all social channels with custom-branded graphics, banners, stories, posts, and video content.

Results: Captured 40K+ new followers, accelerating the growth of various custom and lookalike audiences while successfully improving engagement and sharability across the board.  

Coordinated by Antonio Stanley for Maine Lobster Now

Mensroom Salon Google SERP Rank

Google First Page Ranking

Goal: Gain first-page positioning for several competitive keywords.

Overview: Owned a comprehensive SEO initiative; conducted site audits, keyword research, and backlink building; executed all on-page and local SEO, including blogging and GMB updates.

Results: Scored in Google’s Top 5 results for competitive keywords (shown above) in less than 90 days. 

Executed by Antonio Stanley for Mensroom Salon

MLN Email Drip Campaign

Holiday Drip Campaign

Goal: Improve open rates, CTR, engagement, and conversions.

Overview: Strategized and executed a ’12 Days of Giftspiration’ email drip campaign; leveraged unique subject lines, send times, dynamic content, and abandoned cart reminders.

Results: Yielded a company record $325,000+ in gross revenue in December; increased AOV by $40 over prior year; improved open rates and CTR; campaign strategy still in effect today.

Performed by Antonio Stanley for Maine Lobster Now

Acapello Salons Website Design

Custom Website Design

Goal: Redesign mobile-first website from design to deployment. 

Overview: Owned all phases of development, including wireframe, graphic design elements, content writing, and SEO; integrated lead magnets, email automation, Google Analytics, and various other remarketing pixels.

Results: Enhanced UX, CRO, SEO, and page speed; gained first-page positioning for several competitive keywords, helping to grow the brand from three to five locations in 3 years.

Coordinated by Antonio Stanley for Acapello Salons

Social Media Remarketing Ads

Social Media Remarketing

Goal: Leverage social media to acquire new clients; cross-sell and upsell to existing clients with future appointments. 

Overview: Retargeted website visitors using various pixels, custom events, and audiences; utilized A/B tests, dynamic ads, and personalized offers based on user activity.

Results: Effectively improved conversions and reduced CAC, while also increasing the average ticket price month-over-month.

Coordinated by Antonio Stanley for Acapello Salons

Mensroom Salon Website Redesign

Corporate Website Redesign

Goal: Redesign corporate website consistent with rebrand.

Overview: Owned the redesign of from design to deployment, including the integration of Google Analytics, Hotjar, and various remarketing pixels.

Results: Enhanced UX, CRO, SEO, and page speed; executed all copy, performance audits, and maintenance.

Designed by Antonio Stanley for Mensroom Salon

Goal: Develop an interactive e-learning platform to educate, motivate, and empower staff.

Overview: Collaborated to identify the needs and learning styles of team members; consolidated and digitized all resources on hand; created company culture and onboarding videos, skill-building tips, interactive quizzes, and inspirational quotes.

Results: Launched the portal – boosting morale and retention rates, while reducing losses from performance and productivity issues. The curriculum is still used today.

Produced by Antonio Stanley for Mensroom Salon